Brief on the 20th Politburo Standing Committee of CPC one 1h after announcement


Li Qiang – Xi’s man, through Zhejiang connection, as leader of Shanghai usual choice (new member)
Zhao Leji – Xi’s man since 2017 and member since then key in anti-corruption drive (Commission on Discipline also since 2017, and PBSC member since)
Wang Huning – Xi’s man since long time ago but also grey eminence to Jiang and to Hu, credited with many feats of propaganda, soft power and even One Belt One Road, China Dream etc., many offices, old member and only old member together with Zhao Leji
Cai Qi – New member, Xi sycophant and as a G.S. CPC of Beijing, logical choice
Li Xi – The only new member that I haven’t been able to directly tie to Xi, but as the boss of “Factory of the world” Guangdong province, important pick

Ding Xuexiang -Xi’s man from the Shanghai days (pre-2012), Secretariat and some other offices akin to “Chief of staff”,  key aide but nothing notable, as with Cai Qi
PBSC was even before this change very much in the Xi’s grip, but now control is virtually absolute. 





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